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Distinguished Lecture Series with Ruthe Farmer

Ruthe Farmer, Chief Evangelist at and former Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Obama, will share the…

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Colorado Experience University Of Denver

Founded in 1864 by Colorado Territorial Governor John Evans, the University of Denver is the oldest institute of higher education in Colorado. From Rufus "Potato" Clark and Henry Augustus…

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DU Oral History - Daniel Ritchie, Chancellor of University of Denver

In part two of his interview, Daniel L. Ritchie discusses his first visit to Colorado during his freshman year of college. He shares how he came to love Colorado during a summer spent at Colorado…

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DU Oral History - Daniel Ritchie, Background and Business Career

Daniel L. Ritchie was born in China Grove, North Carolina at the beginning of the great depression. He attended Woodberry Forest, a private school in Virginia. After graduation from Woodberry, he…

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DU Oral History - Daniel Ritchie Interview Highlights

Highlights from oral history interviews with Chancellor Emeritus Daniel L. Ritchie. Chancellor Emeritus Ritchie shares stories of his early life experiences and his work at the University of Denver.

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DU Oral History - William (Bill) Zaranka Interview

Oral History interview with William (Bill) Zaranka. Recorded December 11, 2018. Dr. William (Bill) Zaranka came to University of Denver from the University of Pennsylvania in 1978 as a professor and…

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