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LIS 4702 7.3.1 Demo: Demographics Now

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LIS 4702 3.1.2 Services for Older Adults

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LIS 4015 9.2.2 Older Adult Information Needs

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Diversity Summit 2021: Data and DEI: The Demographic Landscape | University of Denver

Data and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The Demographic Landscape at DU January 22, 2021 Data—its collection, analysis, and decision-making utility—plays a critical role in the…

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Engaging Ideas - Dr. Trent Steidley, Americas guns right battle (Quick Take)

In this Engaging Idea, Dr. Trent Steidley explores the political battle over gun rights and gun regulation in America.

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How to find demographic and psychographic information - Duration: 00:05:57

This video demonstrates how to find psychographic and demographic information in Mintel, a subscription database.

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