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The Mechanics of the Human Body with Bradley Davidson

In this DUing Research video Professor Bradley Davidson talks about his work with Plyometerics. Davidson research focuses on thee use of advanced motion capture using infrared machinery to track…

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Internationalization Summit - Panel - Where to Now? Future Directions for Sustaining Global Engagement

This panel explores the key directions for the future of internationalization in the next decade. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, deep political divisions, civil unrest, climate change, and…

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Chancellor Questions and Answers for Parents (2009)

From questions about honor, ethics and the University of Denver's place in the world to a simple inquiry about the DU's flip-flopped initials, Chancellor Robert Coombe covered a variety of…

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Leading the Changing Organization

Accelerate Webinar Series: Leading the Changing Organization with Franco Marini It’s clear to everyone that times are changing dramatically and the leadership styles that have prevailed in the…

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SME Success Course - Instructional Strategy

Subject Matter Expert Success Course Designed and produced by the University of Denver - UCOL instructional design team.

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Welcome Recording with Michele Hanna

Michele Hanna, Chair of the Faculty of Color Association provides information about the Association.

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Situation Task Action Result STAR Webinar Part 1 2017.mp4

Office of Career and Professional Development at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies For more information, contact the Office of Career and Professional Development…

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