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Interview with Clyde W. Tombaugh September 11 1987 Side B 1987 September 11 ( Side B)

Interview with Clyde W. Tombaugh astronomer and discoverer of the planet Pluto. Tombaugh discusses his early life employment at the Lowell Observatory his discovery of the planet Pluto and employment…

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PSA-ALS Disease

A short Public service announcement about ALS Research (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in the DU Biological Sciences Department by Daniel Linseman, PhD

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Florescents in DNA with Byron Purse

This DUing Research video features Assistant Professor Byron Purse speaking on his research in Biochemistry. Byron's goal is to attach Florescent molecules to DNA without causing damage to the…

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Atmospheric Particles in Human and Earth Systems with Alex Huffman

In this video from the DUing Research series Prof. Alex Huffman explains how atmospheric particles affect our environment. Rather then simply researching ozone depletion, Huffman, studies how various…

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The Mechanics of the Human Body with Bradley Davidson

In this DUing Research video Professor Bradley Davidson talks about his work with Plyometerics. Davidson research focuses on thee use of advanced motion capture using infrared machinery to track…

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NGFP Information Session

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Dr. Davidson and the Human Dynamics Research Lab, inside the Ritchie Center...

As part of the DU Center for Orthopadeic Biomechanics, the mission of the Human Dynamics Laboratory is to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment through: • Biomechanical measurement and…

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Por fin te volvi a ver, 1958

Leyba, New Mexico. See item 11.4. Quality: Poor.

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