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LIS 4011 3.6.1 Demo: Resource Description Framework

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LIS 4010 10.1.1 Semantic Web

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LIS 4000 7.5.3 Information Literacy

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LIS 4000 6.4.1 Competencies in LIS

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LIS 4070 10.5.1 Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME)

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LIS 4043 7.3.1 What is Sticky Messaging?

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LIS 4043 4.4.2 Interview with Jenna Nemec-Loise

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Diversity Summit 2021: Activism & Inclusion: The Story of Us, Self, & Now in Racial Justice Movements |University of Denver

In this interactive workshop, we will share a storytelling framework- the story of us, self, and now- that participants can use to delve into their own positionalities and stakes in racial justice…

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Diversity Summit 2021: Building Intersectional Coalitions | University of Denver

This panel focuses on how we can derive strength from difference. This premise derives from Audre Lorde's statement that "Only within that interdependency of difference strengths,…

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Advancing Teaching Excellence: A conversation about recognizing, evaluating and rewarding teaching across rank and series

A discussion on the what, why and how of transforming teaching evaluations to advance our institution's educational mission. We will be hosting a discussion with three change leaders who have…

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SIP Constitution Panel - A Citizen Initiative discussion

SIP Colorado Constitution - A Citizen Initiative discussion

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Lunch and Learn

"Universal Design for Learning is a framework aimed at dismantling participation barriers for all students by centering learner variability in curriculum development. The central purpose of…

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