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Supporting Student Research Needs with Information Literacy Strategies TEP Workshop

Zoom Recording ID: 83104670173 UUID: XGB5WomDQnO/yoxKq/+HiA== Meeting Time: 2022-09-29 05:47:17pm

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Faculty Showcase - John Kayser

In this Faculty Showcase video John Kayser explains the application of video modules and tutorials to the GSSW program.

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OTL Podcast - Episode 1: What the Library Can Do For You

Join us for this episode of the OTL Podcast. Instructional Designer Jeff Schwartz (he, him) talks with librarians Jenny Bowers (she, her), Bridget Farrell (she, her), and Peggy Keeran (she, her),…

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Shelter Stories: Storytelling and the Struggle against Poverty by John Tiedemann

University Writing Program Teaching Associate Professor John Tiedemann shares the story of the DU Community Writing Center, a campus-community partnership committed to the struggle against poverty…

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Financial Speaker- Adam Carroll - Winning The Money Game

Adam Carroll was the keynote speaker at University of Denver's Money Smart Week 2014. Adam Carroll is the founder of National Financial Educators and the co-author of the book Winning The Money…

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Pat Schroeder Book Signing May 15, 1998

Pat Schroder gave a talk and did a book signing at the University of Denver on May 15, 1998 regarding her "24 years of House work-- and the place is still a mess : my life in politics,"…

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