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JAPN 2101 F22 ホルムさん・期末発表

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The Biology of Aging with Professor David Patterson

RESEARCH INTERESTS The Patterson laboratory works on three interrelated projects. We are interested in the cognitive and behavioral disabilities faced by persons with Down syndrome and in developing…

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Environmental and Racial Justice Series: Transforming Social Work Education (Part 2)

Hear from Associate Professor Lisa Reyes Mason and others for inspiring and innovative ideas on infusing environmental and racial justice in social work education. From caring for ourselves as we…

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Lamont Chorale Debatefest

The Lamont Chorale, conducted by Catherine Sailer performs the National Anthem at DebateFest a campus wide event on October 3, 2012. The University of Denver hosted the first Presidential Debate on…

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Wolfgang Yourgrau: Sir Thomas More and the Utopia of All Utopias (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Wolfgang Yourgrau lecturing at the University of Denver about Sir Thomas More and the utopia of all utopias. He discusses the life and seminal work of Sir Thomas More.…

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Dimensions of Humane Communities_5_Maneesha Deckha

Educating Human Children about Animal and Other Alterity: A critical foundation for moving toward a plant-based and more compassionate society With intensified animal agriculture’s alarming…

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