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2014-10-11 Jazz Faculty Combo - 10-11-2014 - Track 4

Jazz Faculty Combo - 10-11-2014 Track: 4 Concert Date: October 11, 2014 Old filename: 2250.mp3

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1DAY4DU: Chancellor's Priorities

Join us on 1DAY4DU to support all of these great projects and more!

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Korbel MA Students: DFC Office of Development Policy Virtual Career Fair (3/10/23)

This unique online career fair offered an opportunity for candidates with advanced degrees and/or prior experience in environmental, social, and economic impact assessment to learn about working at…

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Tips for Building Resilience into Supply Chains

The uncertainty of the last two years has exposed significant vulnerabilities in how organizations manage their supply chains. Although we can’t predict the next natural disaster or global…

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Design Thinking Testing Module

Design Thinking - Testing Module

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Making Commercial Zoning More Equitable

Making Commercial Zoning More EquitablePlanners throughout the country are increasingly focusing on the equity impacts of zoning decisions, but the conversation often focuses on better participation…

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The Planning Ethics of Impact Fee Equity

The Planning Ethics of Impact Fee EquityThis session applies the concept of impact fee equity to planning ethics. We first define what is meant by equity in planning. We then show the importance of…

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2022 Jeffrey Jenson Endowed Annual Research Award - Beyond Statistical Significance: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Intervention Research

In this inaugural Jeffrey Jenson Research Award address, Professor Heather Taussig will discuss the development, testing, and implementation of Fostering Healthy Futures, a preventive intervention…

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MWCoh-0579 (Tape 1, Side B) (Women in Politics)

No description given for Museum of Western Colorado Histories. Title: Women in Politics

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Oral history interview with Ike and Elaine Steele 1985 April 23 (Part 2)

Mr. Steele tells of his father moving from Provo Utah to Mesa in 1876 where he homesteaded and eventually owned a restaurant. He recalls that his family had livestock including dairy cows and that he…

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2014 Provost Conference - Substance Abuse: A Barrier to Student Learning - Part 3

The 2014 Provost’s Conference, entitled “Substance Abuse: A Barrier to Student Learning- Mobilizing our Community for Student Success” brought together local and national experts in…

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Career Services

Career Services, recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Department Award.

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COVID-Related Consequential Review Training (Mary Clark)

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Diversity and Global Learning Podcast featuring Sara Chatfield

On this episode of the High Impact Practices Podcast, Megan Haskins speaks with Sarah Chatfield from Political Science. Chatfield discusses how she prioritizes diversity in her Political Science…

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Evaluating the Impacts of Covid-19 on Faculty Careers

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