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LIS 4011 1.4.1 IR Architecture

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LIS 4011 1.2.1 Introduction to Information Retrieval IR, Part II

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LIS 4011 1.1.1 Introduction to Information Retrieval

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Compass 101

Tutorial on how to navigate Compass, your first stop for library research at DU. Learn: what's included in a Compass search, how to narrow down a search, and how to find peer-reviewed articles,…

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Library 101 - May 7 2020

Library 101 Workshop led by Sarah Werling 05/07/2020. Learn useful information regarding the University of Denver library during COVID-19 and how to conduct basic research from home.

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Library 101 - Fall 2019

Need an introduction or a refresher on the resources and services available at University Libraries? Come learn about the most popular library resources and services. Participants will learn how…

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