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Oral History Interview with Francisco Martinez 1979 February 2 (Side B)

The Mexican Revolution; Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918; came to the United States in 1918 and became resident in 1928; obtained his citizenship in 1940; attended night school; floods; gangs; job…

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Mira, mira pacador, 1973

Chamita, New Mexico. No listing in Cobos index. Continuation of item 50.13. Recording drops off at one or two points. Quality: good. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 14 of 14 songs on the audiofile.

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Un siervo del santo nino, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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untitled, 1969

Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. Formal presentation on "penitentes" in program organized by Modesto Gallegos (San Gabriel Historical Society). Contextual discussion and short sermon. Questions…

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