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Town Hall March 2023

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Formatting Citations on a UCOL Reading and Instructional Materials Page

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H5P Question Sets Building Instructions

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Oral History Interview with Nickless, Lester and Elizabeth 2000 February 8

Oral history given by Lester and Elizabeth Nicless interviewed by Bobbie Lowe. They speak about their early days in Westminster (1950's) the towns growth and organizations. People of note…

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Video Accessibility Improves Learning

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Clip of Kaltura Tutorial

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DU Portfolio Quick - Tip Create a Portfolio

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ZOOM Bootcamp Series: Canvas Integration and Common Technical Tips

This video covers: Low bandwidth and low computer resources No plan B if ZOOM fails Not using Canvas ZOOM page Not recording ZOOM meetings ZOOM security settings are too strict Having multiple ZOOM…

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I Wish... Sophie

May 20th, 2020

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I Wish... - Sophie

Student interview

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When permalinks stop work, reset them.

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Create a Turnitin Assignment

Instructions for creating a Turnitin assignment in Canvas.

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