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MWCoh-0063-2 (Side A) ( Nursing/Seiber Murder)

No name or description given for audio from Museum of Western Colorado. Title: Nursing/Seiber Murder

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Violet Gonzales and Tony Gonzales "Rippling Waves"

Fiddle Tune

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Abe Kauvar for Colorado Reflections

Dr. Abe Kauvar Manager of the Denver Department of Health and Hospitals and a graduate of the University of Denver recalls growing up in the Jewish community of Denver. Kauvar recalls family trips to…

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Oral history interview with Andy Vidovich. 1969 February 27 (Tape 3, Side A)

Dscussion of Jack Wilson also known as Wovoka and Indian doctors. The Vidovich family. Recorded at Schurz Nevada.

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Red Riding Hood

This is a short film students in the Introduction to Field Production and Editing class created for their final project. Students all start with a similar script but adapt the script and create a…

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Report from Washington. Medicare, 1962 May 26

Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington in late May 1962. Rep. Dominick discusses the topic of providing health care for senior citizens,…

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