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Eye Tracker Technology

STUDENTS' DESIGN HELPS PARALYZED PATIENTS Four undergraduates created affordable technology that lets paralyzed patients operate a computer through eye movements. The new design, developed in…

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Alumni Symposium 2013: Matt Bond -The Changing Media Landscape

Matt Bond (BSBA '83) Executive Vice President of Content Distribution for NBCUniversal speaks at the 2013 Alumni Symposium. Matt talks about the changing media landscape as a result of new…

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Bridges to the Future - A Nation Still at Risk: The Future of Education

Steven Berlin Johnson, popular science author and contributing editor to Wired magazine, discusses why every type of media is valuable to learning. Johnson contends for the notion that culture has…

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Marc Gopin: Author of Holy War Holy Peace

Citizens of every culture and religion must act locally to support the paradigm shift necessary to mitigate global conflict, according to Marc Gopin, author of "Holy War, Holy Peace." Read…

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Provost Luncheon - Parenting in the Digital Age

How are parents in the U.S. coping with the new challenges of digital and mobile media? In this presentation, Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark reviews research that is featured in her 2012 book, The Parent…

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Opening Gates and Overcoming Barriers Understanding Latina and Latino Student Success in Higher Education

2014 Provost Lecture & Luncheon. Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology and Core faculty member of the DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and…

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Staff Hiring Guidelines: Wrap Up - Part 7 - (2021)

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Legal Ethics & Zoom

2021 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference Bouncing Forward: Building Thriving, Healthy & Equitable Communities

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Advancing Teaching Excellence: A conversation about recognizing, evaluating and rewarding teaching across rank and series

A discussion on the what, why and how of transforming teaching evaluations to advance our institution's educational mission. We will be hosting a discussion with three change leaders who have…

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Internationalization Summit-Panel - Sustainable Development - Education in The Face Of Global Crises

2020 ushered in a novel and significant crisis for education in ways and speed that few systems, structures, and peoples were prepared to face. However, through the crisis of the pandemic, new…

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DC Semester Program Internships

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Accelerate Webinar Series: What Everyone Needs to Know About Negotiation

Negotiation expert, award-winning speaker, and Daniels Executive Education Faculty Member Joe Hernandez shares key points we all need to know about negotiation. For more webinars visit:…

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"Leveled" Leveled looks at death, the great equalizer, through a range of perspectives and reactions to our own mortality. Student production team: Patrick Gillespie, Jennifer…

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Final Table

"Final Table" When one of the world's best poker players is knocked out within the first 30 minutes of the Amateur Championship, two unlikely players emerge as Final Table…

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Using the Jetty Web Server

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