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2014-10-31 Flo's Underground - 10-31-2014 - Track 11

Flo's Underground - 10-31-2014 Track: 11 Concert Date: October 31, 2014 Old filename: 3569.mp3

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John T. Alexander "Cowboy's Prayer"

Traditional Song

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DUing Research - People Friendly Robots with Mohammad Mahoor

Mohammad Mahoor explains his research into people friendly robots that are designed to interact with human beings. The goal of Mahoor's robots is that they be able to assist children with Autism…

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Hitlerjungequex = Hitler Youth Quex (English & German subtitles)

In this classic propaganda film, Quex, a German youth, faces a conflict of ideals between his Communist father and his growing allegiance to the Hitler Youth movement which eventually leads to his…

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Companion Robot for Alzheimer's Patients | University of Denver (2017)

Learn more:

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El cuando de Pecos, 1958

Leyba, New Mexico. Quality: Fair.

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