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2013-02-08 Flo's Underground - 02-08-2013 - Track 3

Flo's Underground - 02-08-2013 Track: 3 Concert Date: February 08, 2013 Old filename: 119.mp3

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Noland O.E. life history read by Callie Alexander and oral history interviews of Sheek-Keener Hilda Dee; Lewis Neil; Floston Mattie 1975 (Side B)

This oral history is part of a series recorded in the mid 1970s by Dorothy Trevino regarding the early history and accounts of the settlers of Mancos Colorado. This is the life of O.E. Noland as…

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Song Medley with Beulah Greer Sam Eskin and Martha Martin

Brown Girl / Bingo / Derby Run / Come A-Ling Down / Recitation by Ben Gray Lumpkin about Farmers and Snakes / Riding on the Elevated Railroad / Drill Ye Tarriers Drill / Old Bangdum / Brown Girl /…

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Ben Gray Lumpkin Recitation about Farmers and Snakes


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Oral history interview with Helen Williams. 2006 (Tape 4, Side B)

Covers Paiute hospitality skinning rabbits tattooing rattlesnakes and sweathouses.

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Dimensions of Humane Communities_4_Michael Yellow Bird

Traditional Stories of the Relationship between the Arikara (Sahnish) and the Animal WorldThe Arikara, or more accurately “Sahnish,” are a northern Great Plains tribe currently living on…

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