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Bridges to the Future - Education Practices

This video features a panel discussion of three prominent educators, Principal Michael Johnston, Former Superintendent Jerry Wartgow, and Middle School Teacher Jen Phillips, moderated by 9News…

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Opening Gates and Overcoming Barriers Understanding Latina and Latino Student Success in Higher Education

2014 Provost Lecture & Luncheon. Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology and Core faculty member of the DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and…

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LCJP - Lisle (Volunteer)

Lisle Reed, an educator, mother and veteran, volunteers her time at LCJP, a local organization that has brought Restorative Justice to Longmont, Colorado. Working collaboratively with the community,…

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Recognition - Andrew Mrkvicka

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The Assesment Salon. Episode 2: Are the Systems We Built Working? with Dr. Mark Pleiss

Join us for this episode of The Assessment Salon Podcast with Dr. Mark Pleiss (he/him), where we ask the key question: how can we test if our (assessment) structures are working? And explore the…

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Life Walks

Scottish lover of life and photographer Roddy MacInnes teaches his students about the art of photography and the simple joy of living. Production team: Adam Lujan, Aidan McCarthy, Victoria Romejko

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MCE Alumni Signature Event: Senator Michael Johnston 09/19/2012

Senator Michael Johnston is a Colorado native and a Morgridge College of Education alumni who has made high impact on the schools of our state as a student, teacher, administrator, author, and now as…

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2012 Founders Day, Erik Myhren

A bio on DU alumni Erik Myhren. Erick founded the non-profit "Connect the Kids" to link children in disadvantaged areas with enrichment programs. In 2012 Erick was awarded the Ammi Hyde…

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Oral history interview with Bennie Williams, 1999

Bennie Williams recounts her early experiences of growing up, and attending grade school, high school and college in Marshall, Tex. She discusses how spirituals were an integral part of the church…

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I Wish... Sophie

May 20th, 2020

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I Wish... - Sophie

Student interview

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James Lang Big Picture Teaching Questions

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Jane Slusarski-Harris Oral History, 2015

Interview with Jane Slusarski-Harris conduted by Sandra Minton.

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Monica Hill Oral History, 2015

Interview with Monica Hill conducted by Joan Brown.

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Tom Masterson Oral History, 2013

Interview with Tom Masterson conducted by Sheila Sharpe.

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Growing up in Early Colorado: The Lives of Jewish Children, 1860-1940, 2012

Brief biographies of Jewish men and women who grew up in Jewish communities in Colorado. Contains historical photographs and interviews with people describing their childhoods.

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