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Ellis K. Skinner "Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane"

19th Century Popular Song

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Ellis K. Skinner "Boll Wevil"

Traditional Song

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Martha Martin "Black Sheep Loves You Best of All"

Folk Song

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Oral History Interview with Mike Pedraza 1970 January 1 (Side B)

Tigua Indian discusses tribal history customs and ways of life.

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Oral History Interview with Rigg Virginia #3 2005 February 18 (Side B)

Note: Second interview with Virginia Rigg in 2005. Interview with Virginia Rigg about growing up in Westminster. Westminster Elementary School -- later renamed Harris Park. Piano Teachers --…

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Hitlerjungequex = Hitler Youth Quex (English & German subtitles)

In this classic propaganda film, Quex, a German youth, faces a conflict of ideals between his Communist father and his growing allegiance to the Hitler Youth movement which eventually leads to his…

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Rectrac Next Gen-Getting Started

Basic intro to the new look

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Kaltura and Canvas Increasing engagement using interactive videos (webinar)

Description: Are you looking for new ways to take your Teaching delivery to the next level and enhance engagement? Try Kaltura! This workshop will cover the basics of the Kaltura video platform to…

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Setting Up Your Canvas Course

This video demonstrates how to complete the following actions within Canvas: Post the class syllabus Create and distribute assignments electronically Collect assignments electronically Use the…

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View Turnitin Similarity Reports

Instructions for viewing Turnitin Similarity Reports in Canvas.

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