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Veiled Woman Eyes French Presidency

Kendra Drider flouts France's ban on wearing a face veil in public, and she's hoping to campaign on the issue in making a bid for the French presidency. She's one of several women…

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2018-05-16 Jazz Small Groups - 05-16-2018 - Track 4

Jazz Small Groups - 05-16-2018 Track: 4 Concert Date: May 16, 2018 Old filename: 6639.mp3

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Formatting Citations on a UCOL Reading and Instructional Materials Page

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How to Access DU Library

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Zotero Workshop 02/09/2021

Alexandrea Kord leads a comprehensive workshop on the citation management software Zotero, which is useful for a variety of applications including organizing citations from the web, Google Scholar,…

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Importing Content into a NFP Courses

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Zotero Workshop

Librarian Bridget Farrell gives instructions on Zotero, which is a free, open-source bibliography manager. This workshop recording serves as an introduction to the basic functions of Zotero including…

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