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Fair, Equitable, and Impactful Grading Practices

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Oral history of Bush Francis Owen 1975 (Side A)

Dorothy Trevino reads the life history of Francis Owen Bush written by Francis Owen Bush. This is part of a series of oral histories of early Mancos settlers taken in the 1970s and intended to be…

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Janie Irene Bryce "Guilty or Not Guilty"


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Helen Miles Bradshaw for Colorado Reflections

Helen Miles Bradshaw reflects on her life in Hugo Colorado where she was born. Bradshaw describes the town her first home childhood games the big blizzard in 1913 and the dustbowl in the 1930s.…

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Faculty Showcase - Classroom Power Dynamics with Jean F East

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jean F. East discusses some tips for managing power dynamics in the classroom. A part of the Faculty Showcase Series.

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How To_Grade Assignments in Canvas

*Please excuse my cat, Mr. Henry. He decided to interrupt this video as often as possible because he loves demanding my attention when I'm "unavailable". He won this round...

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Faculty Showcase- Classroom Power Dynamics with Jean F. East

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Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom

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CSPMs995-70. Tape 1, Side A.

Found in 'Voices and Visions: Pikes Peak Women of the Twentieth Century Oral History Project.'

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Zoe Goodblanket Oral History, 1994 August 7. Tape 1, Side B.

Goodblanket discusses being adopted into a non-American Indian family as infant, and moving to Colorado Springs at the age of six after her mother was widowed. She describes local schools such as…

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Report from Washington. Public Works & Ec. Opportunity sic Act, 1965 June 4

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on June 5, 1965. Sen. Dominick talks in depth about the Public Works and Economic Development Act. He…

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Access Turnitin Similarity Reports

Instructions for accessing Turnitin Similarity Reports in Canvas.

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