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Offering Valuable and Actionable Feedback.mp4

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IHAC Seminar Series - Amanda Arrington - Access to Pet Resources - An Equity and Social Justice Issue_26Jan2023

Date: January 26, 2023 Abstract: Pet-keeping crosses boundaries of socioeconomics, race, ethnicity, and geography, but access to pet services and information does not. Institutional bias and…

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Diversity Summit 2021: Critical Conversations: Women's Perspectives | University of Denver

Over the last year, the United States has been confronted with the reality of multiple pandemics (i.e., COVID-19, continued racial injustice, etc.). For women, the existence of COVID-19 may be new in…

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Open Discussion-March 11, 2022

NAGPRA Community of Practice Call from March 11, 2022. Open Discussion (Local and Regional Communities of Practice)

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2022 Jeffrey Jenson Endowed Annual Research Award - Beyond Statistical Significance: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Intervention Research

In this inaugural Jeffrey Jenson Research Award address, Professor Heather Taussig will discuss the development, testing, and implementation of Fostering Healthy Futures, a preventive intervention…

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Janie Irene Bryce "Lightning Express"

Folk Song

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Zethyl Gates Esther Crosby and Dorothy Williamson "Napanee"

Folk Song

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Julia B. Van Horn "Molly Brooks"

Play Party Song

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Oral History Interview with Bertha Calloway 1982 March 22

Ms. Calloway grew up in Denver CO and worked in Washington D.C. She relates her involvement in civil rights activities from the 1940s through the 1960s and in the creation of the Great Plains Black…

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