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LIS 4005 9.3.1 Successful Strategies When Discussing Difficult Topics

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LIS 4005 9.1.1 Understanding the Role of the Facilitator

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LIS 4005 8.1.1 Introduction to Privilege and Equity in the Workplace

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LIS 4005 5.1.1 Introduction to Social Justice

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LIS 4005 1.3.1 What is Privilege?

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Diversity Summit 2021: Building Intersectional Coalitions | University of Denver

This panel focuses on how we can derive strength from difference. This premise derives from Audre Lorde's statement that "Only within that interdependency of difference strengths,…

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Teaching Slam - Lorena Gaibor

The Teaching Slam was hosted as a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the innovative approaches faculty have made to their teaching practices. During this session, we heard from faculty…

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Recognition - Christine Vega

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Anti-Racism Workshop

The goals of this workshop are to explore the differences between being non-racist and actively anti-racist and to provide action steps for those who want to get more involved in the fight for…

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untitled, 1971

Tome, New Mexico. Includes commentary. Quality: Good/Fair.

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