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Rita Flores de Wallace Highlight Reel

Highlight reel from interview with Rita Flores de Wallace conducted by Joan Brown. This video covers Rita's artistic abilities including dance and her move to Denver from Mexico City.

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Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero Oral History, 2008

Interview with Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero conducted by Darlene Handler. Jeannette Trujillo, born and raised in Denver, is an accredited flameco dancer. She taught and performed Mexican folklore,…

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Pablo Rodarte Oral History, 2012

Interview with Pablo Rodarte conducted by Sheila Sharpe.

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Tony Garcia Oral History, 2017

Interview with Tony Garcia conducted by Joan Brown.

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Rene Heredia Oral History, 2007

Interview with Rene Heredia conducted by Michelle O'Byan Hamel. Rene Heredia began learning to play guitar as a young boy. At age 17, he became the lead guitarist for the company of Carmen…

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