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Chasing the Cure: Tuberculosis and Colorados Early Jewish Community

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society annual dinner video from 2008. The subject of the video is Tuberculosis and the early Colorado Jewish community.

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I Can Tell the World

Follows members of the Spirituals Project Choir, an interracial, multigenerational choir committed to the preservation and performance of African-American spirituals. As these diverse men and women…

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Forecast '68: Hexagrams

Video of Hexagrams performed by Denver Civic Ballet as part of their Forecast '68 show at the Auditorium Theatre. This piece was choreographed by guest director Carlos Carvajal. Part 1of the…

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Chandra Kuykendall Oral History, 2020

Interview with Chandra Kuykendall conducted by Christin Crampton-Day. Interviews for 2020 Legends of Dance were conducted over Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chandra Kuykendall is from Parker and…

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Oral history interview with Bennie Williams, 1999

Bennie Williams recounts her early experiences of growing up, and attending grade school, high school and college in Marshall, Tex. She discusses how spirituals were an integral part of the church…

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Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero Oral History, 2008

Interview with Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero conducted by Darlene Handler. Jeannette Trujillo, born and raised in Denver, is an accredited flameco dancer. She taught and performed Mexican folklore,…

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Michelle O'Bryan Hamel Oral History, 2009

Interview with Michelle O'Bryan Hamel conducted by Glenn Giffin. Michelle O'Bryan Hamel had her first dance ballet class at 5 years old, and continued to study with Lillian Cushing through…

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Tony Garcia Oral History, 2017

Interview with Tony Garcia conducted by Joan Brown.

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Family of Esther Kenny Oral History, 2008

Interview with the family of Esther Kenny conducted by Joan Brown. Esther Kenny was an original founding member of the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library. She was an avid supporter of dance in the…

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Henry Lowenstein Oral History, 2013

Interview with Henry Lowenstein conducted by Joan Brown.

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Gwen Bowen Oral History, 2005

Denver, Colo. native Gwen L. Bowen relates her life in dance, beginning with her early childhood education and dance classes studying under Claire Denne and Lillian Cushing. She participated in…

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Dulcy Amter Oral History, 2005

Denver, Colorado native Dulcy Amter talks about her life in dance beginning with her childhood education and early dance classes. She took classes in elocution because she wanted to be an actress,…

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Florence Ruston Oral History, 2004

Florence K. Ruston recounts her early years in Denver, Colo. where she began dancing at about four years of age with dance teacher Laura Shank. She talks about Denver at that time, ''the…

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Lillian Covillo Oral History, 2003

Lillian Covillo recounts her early years growing up in Denver, Colorado and attending St. Philomena's parochial school where she was first exposed to ballet through teacher, Lucille Brush. She…

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Alfred Brooks Oral History, 2004 February 25

With the assistance of a former student, Ann Musman Quigley, Alfred Brooks recalls his early years in Kansas City, Mo., and his studies at the Juilliard School. He relates his career with Hanya Holm…

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Schyleen Qualls Oral History, 2017

Interview with Schyleen Qualls conducted by Nathalie Proulx. The interview is audio only and missing the beginning due to technical errors. The audio begins with Schyleen describing Cleo Parker…

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