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Burnout Resilience in Challenging Times: Purpose & Compassion

The last three years have been challenging, to say the least, and the ongoing trauma of the pandemic has impacted both faculty and students. Many faculty were already on the edge of burnout in 2020.…

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Provost Conference 2023 Day 1 - Relationships Matter: Teaching for Learning, Equity, and Well-Being

Decades of research demonstrate that the quality of student-faculty and student-student interactions are foundational to engaging, inclusive, and purposeful learning. Educational relationships…

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Provost Conference 2023 Day 1 - Faculty Matter: Thriving as a Teacher-Scholar in Times of Burnout

This workshop focuses on the importance of faculty well-being, connection, and purpose at a time when those might be in short supply. We will build on your own experiences as a faculty member and on…

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Fair, Equitable, and Impactful Grading Practices

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University College - Developing Learning Goals

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6.30 FINAL FIIT Intro Video

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FIIT: Module 1 Video 4 Assessment

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FIIT: Final Module 1 Video 2 Knowledge Construction

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Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Action and Expression TEP Workshop_without breakout room

Zoom Recording ID: 86419077644 UUID: aVohwVDTQIqTYmKZsmn5/A== Meeting Time: 2022-04-28 05:49:04pm

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FIIT: Final Module 1 Video 1 Learning Outcomes

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Diversity Summit 2021: Building Your Inclusive and Humanizing Teaching Toolkit | University of Denver

In this session, we reviewed humanizing pedagogy principles and dove deep into a set of teaching tools to support inclusive, equitable, and supportive learning environments for all students. This…

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Julia B. Van Horn "Kitty Wells"

Folk Song

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Bill Powell Sprint Promo

Daniels College of Business Entrepreneur In-Residence Bill Powell presenting an abbreviated welcome his "The Perfect Pitch" Sprint class.

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Oral History Interview with Nancy Munro 2002 April 29 (Side B)

Nancy Munro describes her initial contact with early childhood education and the events that led to her work as the nutritionist/dietician with the 1965 pilot Headstart Program in Montana. She…

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