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Oral Interviews with Stevenson Leonard and Stevenson Kook 1975 (Side A)

Mancos Colorado resident Leonard Stevenson (b. 1896) and his son Kook(?) Stevenson talk about growing up in Mancos in the 1900's.

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Oral History Interview with Carmen Abeyta 2005 January 7

Interview with Carmen Abeyta from the De donde eres: Cultural Origins of the Southern Colorado Latino/Hispanic Community Collection.

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The Mechanics of the Human Body with Bradley Davidson

In this DUing Research video Professor Bradley Davidson talks about his work with Plyometerics. Davidson research focuses on thee use of advanced motion capture using infrared machinery to track…

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Provost Lunch Spring 2014: The Engineering of Joint Replacement Implants

Peter Laz is an Associate Professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He has been an investigator on industry, federal (NSF, NIH) and foundation grants and authored 30+ journal papers and 85+…

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2010 Provost Conference, Afternoon Keynote, Dr. Diane Harley

Dr. Diane Harley, Senior Researcher, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California at Berkeley, spoke on “The Future of Peer Review in Academic Promotion and…

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Internationalization Summit - Panel - Global Learning - A foundation for sustainable development

Global learning provides a foundation to understand and analyze complex problems that transcend national borders with collaborative solutions. By integrating global learning into curricular and…

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@Korbel Research Series—Jonathan Moyer

Jonathan Moyer is the director of the Pardee Center for International Futures, a research center housed in the Korbel School, which focuses on helping organizations think about their investments in…

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Global Business Services & Digital Transformation

Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies hold the promise of digitally transforming our businesses and organizations. Join us to hear how our new Global Business Services program enables…

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SIP Higher Education Panel - Paul LeBlanc Presentation (9.04.13)

Strategic Issues Program - Panel on the Future of Higher Education - Paul LeBlanc

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John Wilkin - Challenges

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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