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ChatGPT Webinar_April 11 2023

Kellie Ferguson, Jeff Schwartz, Stephen Riley, and Terri Johnson of the Office of Teaching and Learning share information about ChatGPT and other AI writing tools.

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Zines in the Classroom

Zines are a great tool for classroom use as both sources, and projects. This video essay outlines how and why zines can be used in the classroom.

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EVM 3413 Design Thinking Define Module SP22.mp4

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Trauma Informed Pedagogy

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Editing the Banner Image on a Course Page

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How to convert a course Design Document using Multi-tool

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How To_Update AHH Course

This video shows how to use the Delayed Announcement Modifier and Due Date Modifier in Canvas. This particular video is specific to AHH but the tools can be used in other Canvas courses.

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Video Accessibility Improves Learning

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Teaching Slam - Lorena Gaibor

The Teaching Slam was hosted as a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the innovative approaches faculty have made to their teaching practices. During this session, we heard from faculty…

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The Assesment Salon. Episode 2: Are the Systems We Built Working? with Dr. Mark Pleiss

Join us for this episode of The Assessment Salon Podcast with Dr. Mark Pleiss (he/him), where we ask the key question: how can we test if our (assessment) structures are working? And explore…

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Using ZOOM within Canvas (Recorded Meeting Sept 1st)

This video covers:Getting started with ZOOM using SSO Scheduling recurring meetings in Canvas Canvas ZOOM student calendar Sharing your slide tips Taking attendance using ZOOM Poll Question Breakout…

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ZOOM Bootcamp Series: Presentation Tip

This video covers the following: Sharing screen and slides Jumping in and out of PowerPoint Not using screen annotation tools Poor audio quality Distracting background Webcam not being eye level…

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