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C V Special Edition Community Talk - Israel & Gaza (2023-10-19)

The violence that is taking place in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza is incredibly tragic and painful – it is hard to even find the words to explain it. Our thoughts are with all of those…

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2017-11-06 Liederabend An Evening of Italian and English Song - 11-06-2017 - Track 18

Liederabend An Evening of Italian and English Song - 11-06-2017 Track: 18 Concert Date: November 06, 2017 Old filename: 5205.mp3

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Trauma Informed Pedagogy

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J.D.A. Ogilvy "When Johnny Went Down in the Bucket"

Folk Song

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Pedagogo S2-E3 Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: The Role of Assessment in Deep Insights and Learning

There’s little doubt as to the value assessment can bring to the classroom. But what if we are underutilizing assessments and under-appreciating the areas where they can lead to insights? Tune…

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Teaching Slam - Lorena Gaibor

The Teaching Slam was hosted as a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the innovative approaches faculty have made to their teaching practices. During this session, we heard from faculty…

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Police Brutality The Past and Present

Everyone in 2020 is aware that police departments are structured around systemic racism, resulting in disproportionate police murders of unarmed BIPOC. But not everyone knows about the historical…

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Pedagogy of Privilege Conference (June 1st 2009)

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Coronavirus and Inequality for the Transgender Community Healthcare

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COVID-19 & Student Affairs Professionals

Week 4, Current issues in Higher Education

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