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United Nations' Relevance in the Turbulent 21st Century-Dec. 9, 2020

Professor Akiko Fukushima and Professor Tim Sisk discuss the U.S.’s recent antagonism to the UN’s purpose and if the U.S.’s reentry into supporting the UN’s goals and affairs…

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2013 Graduate Commencement

Master's and doctoral students received degrees from the University of Denver on June 7, 2013. The speaker was Ban Ki-Moon, secretary-general of the United Nations, who appealed to graduates and…

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COVID-19: Dr. Moyer - Impacts on Policy Decisions

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Revolution of Justice: Claudia Paz y Paz

As Guatemala's first female Attorney General, Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz Bailey prosecuted organized criminals and perpetrators of mass human rights abuses despite threats to her own safety. She was…

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The United Nations and the Impending Crisis of Relevance: Reform, Revolution, or Redesign. Noel J. Brown 5/4/1998

Dr. Noel J. Brown spoke on the United Nations at the University of Denver of May 4, 1998. Bill Zaranka gave the introduction. Dr. Brown served as the Director of the United Nations Environment…

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Brief report. Questionnaire results, 1961 November 13

Congressman Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his radio address, a Brief report, on November 13, 1961. Rep. Dominick gives the results of a questionnaire sent to members of the second…

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Report from Washington. Red China, 1965 May 13

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on May 13, 1965. Sen. Dominick discusses topics including bipartisan U.S. opposition to the recognition…

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Youth wants to know, 1966 September 25

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) answers questions during a segment of NBC's radio program, Youth wants to know, on Sept. 25, 1966. Sen. Dominick discusses the actions Republicans would take…

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