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Celeste Grynberg Highlight Reel

Highlight reel from interview with Celeste Grynberg conducted by Joan Brown. This video covers Celeste's introduction to modern dance in Pennsylvania, visiting New York City and Europe to see…

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Pheobe Smedley Oral History, 2010

Interview with Pheobe Smedley conducted by Sandra Minton. Phoebe is from Arlington Heights Chicago. She came to Denver in 1949 as a freshman at Colorado Women’s College. After finishing her…

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Family of Esther Kenny Oral History, 2008

Interview with the family of Esther Kenny conducted by Joan Brown. Esther Kenny was an original founding member of the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library. She was an avid supporter of dance in the…

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Florence Ruston Oral History, 2004

Florence K. Ruston recounts her early years in Denver, Colo. where she began dancing at about four years of age with dance teacher Laura Shank. She talks about Denver at that time, ''the…

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Beulah Cherne Oral History, 2010

Interview with Beulah Cherne conducted by Michelle O'Bryan Hamel and Phyllis Wicklund.

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Noel Hefty Oral History, 2014

Interview with Noel Hefty conducted by Sandra Minton. Noel Hefty began her arts career as a danicer, earning her degree in Dance Education at the University of Wisconsin. Noel moved to Steamboat…

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Celeste Grynberg Oral History, 2017

Interview with Celeste Grynberg conducted by Joan Brown. Celeste Grynberg, philanthropic patron of dance, was born in Philadelphia to immigrant parents for whom the arts were an important part of…

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