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2016-03-04 Flo's Underground - 03-04-2016 - Track 10

Flo's Underground - 03-04-2016 Track: 10 Concert Date: March 04, 2016 Old filename: 3918.mp3

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Ellis K. Skinner "Ninety-Nine Years"

Folk Song

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Rachel Conilogue and C.E. Conilogue "Fiddle Tune in G"

Fiddle Tune

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Oral History Interview with Francisco Uviaa 1979 August 14 (Side B)

Born in Durango Mexico. Recollections of his chilhood and youth. Job experiences. Came to Ciudad Juarez in 1953. Worked as a bracero in Pecos and Ysleta Texas. Had an accident while on the job.…

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Oral History Interview with Trinidad J. Granillo (Tape 1, Side B)

Tigua Indian discusses tribal history customs and way of life.

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Why Race Matters in the Workplace Fall 2020 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Anthony Holder, Associate Professor, School of Accountancy, Daniels College of Business Panelists: • Ivelise Zambrano-Herrera , Strategic Workforce Planning Consultant,…

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This Engaging Idea explores what Archaeologists have discovered about the Japanese American WWII-era internment camp known as Amache.

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Versos de chiquiado, 1970

Albuquerque, New Mexico. Six verses used in the dance game "valse chiquiado." Recited. Quality: Good.

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Verso de chiquiado, 2006

Unknown location, unknown date. No listing in Cobos index. Quality: poor. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 5 of 5 songs on the audiofile.

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Corrido del final de San Marcial, 1971

Bernardo, New Mexico. A flood wipes out the village of San Marcial. Composed by Ramon Luna. Recited. Quality: Good/Fair.

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