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Emma Hutchins "Don't You Go Tommy Don't Go"

Folk Song

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Peg Mudgett for Colorado Reflections

Peg Mudgett reminisces on growing up in Leadville Colorado near the mines there until moving to Durango to attend college at Fort Lewis College. Reflects on life in a mining camp owned by the town…

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Frank McGlone for Colorado Reflections

Dr. Frank McGlone a physician born and raised in Colorado reflects on his memories of World War I including a large celebration in Denver at the announcement of the end of the war. Discusses his…

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Oral history interview with Katie Frazier Daisy Aster and Mabel Wright Paulina. 2006 (Side B)

Talk covers Indians riding on trains. The train wreck near Verdi Nevada in the early 1900s. Being at school in Nixon Nevada. Illness and death and various family names.

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