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LIS 4043 9.3.1 "The Public"

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Edith Cummings Taylor "Robin Hood and Little John"

Child Ballad

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Finding math quick take

This Engaging Idea explores how very young children relate to math and the importance of early math knowledge to later success in school.

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Voices of Experience: Michael Sheehan Discusses Ethics and Leadership

In this Voices of Experience presentation Michael Sheehan discusses ethics, leadership and compliance in the business world.

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Engaging Ideas - Dr. Susan Schulten, The March of Maps - Quick Take

In this Engaging Idea, Dr. Susan Schulten explores historical maps as windows into the past that illuminate crucial moments in American history. It also looks at how maps are now used to investigate…

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El dia que te cases, 1974

Rancho de Taos, New Mexico. Jacobo Bernal recites the lyrics of a very poplar late nineteenth-century love song. Recited. Quality: Good.

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Untitled, 1972

Grants, New Mexico. See item 39.2. Quality: good/fair. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 6 of 6 songs on the audiofile.

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