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Womens College Leadership Salon

What does it mean to be a woman in politics today? What does it mean to be a woman of color in politics today? Panelists will offer their own ideas for answers while encouraging Salon attendees to…

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COVID-19: Witnessing Inequity. Taking Action. A conversation with Tracie Keesee and Ann Ayers - 5/1

Ann Ayers, CWC Dean, and Tracie Keesee, SVP of Social Justice Initiatives and Co-Founder of Center for Policing Equity (CPE), explore the following questions in the Friday Feature Facebook Live from…

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Equity from the Inside Out, a conversation with Colleen Abdoulah and Ann Ayers - 4/17

A Friday Feature Facebook Live conversation with Ann Ayers, Dean of CWC, and Colleen Abdoulah, Former CEO/Chair of WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone, about how to create a shift towards equity from the…

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Equity at Work Starts at Home

A conversation with Pam Jeffords, Partner of PwC, and Ann Ayers, Dean of the Colorado Women's College.

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Balancing a Fulfilling Career & a Whole Family Life as the Director for Inclusive Teaching Practices

About Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave Director for Inclusive Teaching Practices, University of Denver Dr. Iturbe-LaGrave provides proactive and responsive leadership, direction, and programming to…

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Advocates for Systemic Equity

CWC Dean Ann Ayers, Dr. Nancy Reichman, former CWC Research Director, and Kim Desmond, the Director of the Mayor's Office of Social Equity and Innovation engage in a conversation called…

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From the Inside, Out: Deepening Our Insights During Turbulent Times

As uncertainties mount and we become more aware that continual change is the new norm, how can we find our truth, stay grounded, and seek centeredness? Tune into this conversation with Colleen…

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"Women, Money and Investing: Creating Financial Freedom and Equity” w/ Tellis Gary & Katie D'Andrea

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