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Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer - New Student Advising

Zoom Recording ID: 7826021266 UUID: EaMtTktpQpW5zqvPC1RcJg== Meeting Time: 2022-05-05 04:15:36pm

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Oral history interview with Tebow Henry J.

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DUing Research - People Friendly Robots with Mohammad Mahoor

Mohammad Mahoor explains his research into people friendly robots that are designed to interact with human beings. The goal of Mahoor's robots is that they be able to assist children with Autism…

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Eye Tracker Technology

STUDENTS' DESIGN HELPS PARALYZED PATIENTS Four undergraduates created affordable technology that lets paralyzed patients operate a computer through eye movements. The new design, developed in…

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Alumni Symposium 2013: Chancellor Coombe Speech

Chancellor Coombe speaks at the 2013 Alumni Symposium

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William Duff Interview between 1984-1987 (Tape 2)

An oral history interview taken as part of the research process for Dr. Larson's book Shaping Educational Change.

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Oral History Interview with Juan Hernandez 1978 August 20 (Side A)

Mexican Revolution Battles of Zacatecas Torreon Camargo the personalities of Villa de Anda and Murguna and recollections of black American soldiers during the Revolutionary years.

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How To_Update AHH Course

This video shows how to use the Delayed Announcement Modifier and Due Date Modifier in Canvas. This particular video is specific to AHH but the tools can be used in other Canvas courses.

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 5: Re-Shaping Undergraduate Curriculum towards JEDI, Ethics, & Belonging with Dr. Chris GauthierDickey & Dr. Scott Leutenegger

Join us for this The Assessment Salon double feature! Dr. Christina H. Paguyo (she/her), Dr. Chris GauthierDickey (he/him), and Dr. Scott Leutenegger (he/him) play with the following question: How…

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How-to make your Canvas Tour Video

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2012 Founders Day, Emmit McHenry

A bio on Emmit McHenry, the recipient of the 2012 Randolph P. McDonough Award.

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The University of Denver Announces Launch of the STEM Initiative

The University of Denver today announced plans to launch a new interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative that will allow it to address societal needs of the…

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Fireside Chat Chancellor Chopp & Maria Klawe

Chancellor Chopp, University of Denver, and President Maria Klawe, Harvey Mudd College, come together for a chat on higher education.

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Electrical and computer engineering professor Mohammad Mahoor and PhD student Behzad Hasani introduce us to AffectNet, a facial expression recognition database. Their paper on AffectNet won the 2019…

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Engineers and Computers Helping Athletes | University of Denver (2015)

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Companion Robot for Alzheimer's Patients | University of Denver (2017)

Learn more:

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