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2013-05-09 Standards Combo Session - 05-09-2013 - Track 3

Standards Combo Session - 05-09-2013 Track: 3 Concert Date: May 09, 2013 Old filename: 664.mp3

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2013-05-03 Flo's Underground - 05-03-2013 - Track 2

Flo's Underground - 05-03-2013 Track: 2 Concert Date: May 03, 2013 Old filename: 531.mp3

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Pat Donegan Imagists and East Asian Poets Part 6 1981 June 28 (Part 6)

The sixth tape in a nine tape series of a class by Pat Donegan on the Imagists and East Asian poets. Background is given on the Imagists and the haiku form as well as various readings of work by…

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Oral history interview with Mason W. Davis 1980 October 6 (Side B)

Davis describes his childhood in Mesa Arizona where his family settled in the late 1800s. He discusses his schooling and recalls several businesses in downtown Mesa.

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Oral History Interview with Stanton Strawson 1976 (Side A)

Oral history given by Stanton Strawson interviewed by Marion Smith who was employed by the City of Westminter to write the book "Westminster Then & Now" of his life and happenings in…

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Love From Afar

DU student-made film: "An awkward sketch artist who tries to get over an ex-girlfriend by finding love where he never expected to look."

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