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2013-11-12 Vocal Rep Session - 11-12-2013 - Track 1

Vocal Rep Session - 11-12-2013 Track: 1 Concert Date: November 12, 2013 Old filename: 1244.mp3

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Johnson Iola Starr recounts the history of the Feburary 16th 1936 avalanche that destroyed the Hesperus (Doyle) mine 1976 February 16 (Side B)

Iola Starr Johnson describes her memories of the big avalanche that wiped out the Hesperus mine on Feburary 16 1936 and took the lives of 6 Mancos residents. She also reads an account of the…

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Beulah Greer "Babes in the Woods"

Traditional Ballad

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John T. Alexander "Orphan Girl"

19th Century Song

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Oral history interview with Helen Williams. 2006 (Tape 3, Side A)

Discusses owls. Indian doctors and rabbit uses and hunting.

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untitled, 1971

Taos, New Mexico. Prepared formal text on dance in Hispanic life: the preparation of the dance hall (sala), getting dressed up (prendorio), the conductor (bastonero), historical development of…

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