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Oral history interview with Thomas Shrock Lindsay and William C. Jones about photographer Louis Charles McClure

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Rags to Riches

“If you’ve got cash, you don’t have to take any trash.” Bob Ragland, a self-promoted outlier, has the business tools to successfully heat and eat as a non-starving…

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Riccarda McQuie for Colorado Reflections

Riccarda McQuie, a professional violinist, was born in Chicago and moved to Colorado in 1918 to a homestead in the Colorado mountains with her mother. Reflects on her career playing the violin and…

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Jane Spain Oral History, 2018

Interview with Jane Spain conducted by her student, Heidi Thomas. Founded in 1961, Dance Arts Studio was Broomfield’s first dance studio. Jane is credited with introducing young girls and boys…

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CSPMs997-62. Tape 4, Side B.

Found in 'Voices and Visions: Pikes Peak Women of the Twentieth Century Oral History Project.'

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Judy Graese Oral History, 2016

Interview with Judy Graese conducted by Joan Brown.

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Hope Moore Waggoner Oral History, 2014

Interview with Hope Moore Waggoner conducted by Joan Brown.

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Access Turnitin Similarity Reports

Instructions for accessing Turnitin Similarity Reports in Canvas.

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Turnitin For Students

Instructions for submitting a Turnitin assignment and accessing similarity reports.

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