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LIS 4702 1.3.2 Customer Service and You

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Diversity Summit 2021: Inclusive Supervision | University of Denver

Diversity, equity and inclusion work has never been more important in higher education and in our working lives, yet little is known about how to translate this into how managers effectively lead. As…

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Pioneer@Work: How to Assign a Training (Standard Learning Assignment)

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Oral History Interview with Ron Hellbusch circa 1986 (Side B)

Ron Hellbusch discussing water problems reservoir Director of Public Works & Utilities pavement management water taps.

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Staff Hiring Guidelines: Wrap Up - Part 7 - (2021)

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CAIS - Canines 1 - Supplemental Module - Dog Language Module 6

Dog Language Module 6

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CAIS - Canines 1- Module 1 - Dog Language Module 5

Dog Language Module 5

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How to Connect Theory and Practice

In the following brief interview, hear a student's perspective on ways he was proactive in helping to integrate classroom learning with his field practice.

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Framing the Field Experience: Developmental Stages of an Internship

The developmental stages of an Internship is a framework for experiential learning. The model, taken from Sweitzer and King's The Successful Internship—Transformation and Empowerment in…

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Field Education Roles and Responsibilites

There are multiple people available to support both our community partners (you) and our students in the field. However, with multiple people, there are multiple roles/titles and that can be…

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Field Liaision

Watch this informative conversation about the roles and responsibilities of the field liaison with Karli Cunningham, LCSW. She is a field liaison and off-site MSW supervisor at the University of…

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Field Problems and Resolution Processes

This section provides an overview of our processes for addressing issues that might occur in the field. For more detailed information, please refer to the section in the GSSW Field Manual,…

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