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Big Buck Bunny Trailer

A funny and furry 3D short about a giant rabbit who gets even with bullying rodents

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Interview with Arthur Scott Murrell September 28 1999 (Interview 3) 1999 September 28 (Tape 1)

Interview with Arthur Scott Murrell on his relationship with astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discoverer of the planet Pluto. Murrell talks about working for the Physical Science Laboratory at New Mexico…

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Interview RHC019 with Jack Kimber July 17 1985 1985 July 17 (Part 1)

Interview with Jack Kimber at his ranch in south Grouse Creek 17 July 1985 (pt. 1): family history; ranching; Utah Construction; Grouse Creek Livestock Association; change in ranching. Birds in…

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CSPMs996-197. Tape 2.

Found in 'Voices and Visions: Pikes Peak Women of the Twentieth Century Oral History Project.'

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