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2015-02-27 Flo's Underground - 02-27-2015 - Track 3

Flo's Underground - 02-27-2015 Track: 3 Concert Date: February 27, 2015 Old filename: 2793.mp3

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2017-11-15 Lamont Wind Ensemble - 11-15-2017 - Track 5

Lamont Wind Ensemble - 11-15-2017 Track: 5 Concert Date: November 15, 2017 Old filename: 5258.mp3

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Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics Part 31 1980 May 15

A Basic Poetics class taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. For the duration of the class Ginsberg discusses Sapphic meter using various poems to demonstrate the ancient form.

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Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics Part 10 1980 January 7

The tenth class of Basic Poetics taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. In this class he continues his discussion of Basil Bunting Thomas Campion and John Dowland. Works read and discussed…

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Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics Part 9 1980 January 7

The ninth class on Basic Poetics by Allen Ginsberg. To begin this class students sing a ballad with guitar which leads into a discussion of Basil Bunting and Quantitative Poetics.

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Oral history interview with Maynard Henry Sargent 1981 May 6 (Part 6)

Sargent tells of his family's move to Mesa from Kansas via Los Angeles California. He retired from a career at Salt River Project but also worked as a farmer. Sargent gives great detail of…

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Look to the Stars

To escape her parents' fighting, ten-year-old Emma travels through time with her best friend Charles. This is a student final documentary project from the Media, Film & Journalism Studies…

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Oral History Interview with Isaac D. Williams, 1969 June 7 -B, Side B.

Isaac D. Williams was a coal miner and a fire-boss for the CF&I Steel Corporation. Researcher of Early History of CF&I from 1871-1903. Stared at CF&I at Willimsburg in 1899. Rockvale…

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Report from Washington. Final civil rights passage, 1964 June 19

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on June 19, 1964. Sen. Dominick discusses the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the Senate, commenting…

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