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2019-11-05 Vocal Jazz Ensemble - 11-05-2019 - Track 4

Vocal Jazz Ensemble - 11-05-2019 Track: 4 Concert Date: November 05, 2019 Old filename: 8961.mp3

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Ellis K. Skinner "Chisolm Trail"

Cowboy Song

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John T. Alexander "Orphan Girl"

19th Century Song

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Our Colfax

In a world of mass media kids learn to have agency through producing their own news show. Production team: Kyna Moore and Kaitlin Kunkler

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Wolfgang Yourgrau: Sir Thomas More and the Utopia of All Utopias (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Wolfgang Yourgrau lecturing at the University of Denver about Sir Thomas More and the utopia of all utopias. He discusses the life and seminal work of Sir Thomas More.…

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A Liberal Arts Perspective on the Social Justice Movement

Join fellow DU alumni and friends in the series Pathways to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Open to all DU alumni and friends, this series aims to nurture education, provide helpful resources and…

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