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LIS 4005 8.1.1 Introduction to Privilege and Equity in the Workplace

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Oral History Interview with Wright Robinson about 1981

Mr. Robinson was born in Lincoln NE in 1923. After living outside Nebraska until about 1940 he recounts his experiences in Lincoln's Malone Neighborhood.

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Oral History Interview with Ethel Kirtley about 1981

Ms. Kirtley was born in Kansas in 1896. She recounts her experiences living in Lincoln NE starting in 1923.

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Report from Washington. Cloture, 1965 June 17

Senator Peter H. Dominick delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on June 18, 1965. Sen. Dominick defines cloture (Senate Rule 22), explains the cloture process in the United…

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SIP State Government - Bruce Benson Interview (10.07.10)

Interview with Bruce Benson, President, University of Colorado - Strategic Issues Program, Panel on State Government

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