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Adrian Kum - Final Project Presentation - JAPN 2101 Autumn 2022

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Interview with Fred Trainor about the Rocky Ford Area


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The Biology of Aging with Professor David Patterson

RESEARCH INTERESTS The Patterson laboratory works on three interrelated projects. We are interested in the cognitive and behavioral disabilities faced by persons with Down syndrome and in developing…

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Oral history interview with Tim Hooper. about 1964 (Tape 2)

Hooper tells how the Shoshone Indians came to be. Tells stories of the procupine the pinenut and earthquakes. talks about Indian tobacco. Recorded in Tonopah Nevada.

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Oral History Interview with Cándido Delgado 1979 June 5

Began crossing into the United States at the age of 11. Experiences with immigration officials and experiences working as a bracero in the 1950s.

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Oral History Interview with Bernabe Solis (Side B)

Interview with Bernabe Solis.

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