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Opening New Doors: Over a century of Colorado Jewish women in the professions

2023 RMJHS annual dinner video.

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MLIS-4206 WordPress Blog Posts and Categories

This video will cover:The why How to create a WP blog post Why and how to create categories and tags How to create a WP blog home page How to post your blog page to your navigation menu How to post…

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James Parker: Pop's Ancestors - An Inquiry Into the Historical Sources of American Pop Art (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains James Parker speaking at the University of Denver on May 11 1967. The overarching theme of the lecture is the historical sources of American pop art. Parker begins by introducting…

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Rags to Riches

“If you’ve got cash, you don’t have to take any trash.” Bob Ragland, a self-promoted outlier, has the business tools to successfully heat and eat as a non-starving…

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Charles F. Ramus: The Baroque in the Fine Arts (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Charles F. Ramus speaking at the University of Denver on October 21 1965. Ramus begins by providing a brief overview of the renaissance including his own interperative definition.…

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Oral history interview with François Clemmons, 1999 pt 1

François Clemmons recounts how music, especially spirituals, has played a prominent role throughout his life, from singing in church and school assemblies, to the founding of the Harlem…

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Darlene Handler Oral History, 2012

Interview with Darlene Handler conducted by Michelle O'Bryan Hamel. Darlene began dancing at age three with Florence Kessler (Ruston). Before she was a teenager she was inspired by Modern Dance…

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Barbara Ellis Oral History, 2019

Interview with Barbara Ellis conducted by Ann Hunt. Barbara is founder, dance teacher, and choreographer for the Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance (BESD) established in 1962 in Colorado Springs. She…

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Roberta Thornsberry Oral History, 2008

Interview with Roberta Thornsberry conducted by Joan Brown. Roberta Thornsberry grew up in Denver and began dancing at age 5. She began her training with Clare Denny at Elitch Gardens in the summer…

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Gwen Bowen Oral History, 2005

Denver, Colo. native Gwen L. Bowen relates her life in dance, beginning with her early childhood education and dance classes studying under Claire Denne and Lillian Cushing. She participated in…

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Katherine Detre Oral History, 2005 August 17

Interview with Katherine Detre by Darlene Handler. Katherine Detre was born in New York City in 1910. Katherine's first dance class was at the Waldon School in New York. Detre went to the…

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Rita Flores de Wallace Oral History, 2014

Interview with Rita Flores de Wallace conducted by Joan Brown. Rita is a noted Folkloric dance instructor and teacher of traditional Mexican textile and paper arts. Rita's formal education took…

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Kathy Hill Oral History, 2018

Interview with Kathy Hill conducted by Joan Brown. Kathy, a Denver native, graduated from South High and received a BA in Theater Arts & Dance from Colorado Women’s College in 1977. At Hill…

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"Festival Caravan" Documentary, 2017

Documentary produced for the 2017 Annual Meeting "Festival Caravan." The documentary includes photos, videos, and clips from oral histories conducted as part of this project. The length of…

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Artists' Books at Penrose Library, 2010 February 22

Michael Levine-Clark, Collection Development Librarian at the University of Denver's Penrose Library, describes and shows examples from the library's artists' books collection.

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Alma, no estes tan dormido, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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