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LIS 4060 Course Overview

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LIS 4070 4.5.1 Roundtable: Introduction to Authority Control 1

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Oral history interview with Maynard Henry Sargent 1981 May 6 (Part 5)

Sargent tells of his family's move to Mesa from Kansas via Los Angeles California. He retired from a career at Salt River Project but also worked as a farmer. Sargent gives great detail of…

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Provost Luncheon - Parenting in the Digital Age

How are parents in the U.S. coping with the new challenges of digital and mobile media? In this presentation, Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark reviews research that is featured in her 2012 book, The Parent…

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Engaging Ideas - Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark, The New News: How the under-18 generation is redefining news

In this Engaging Idea, Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark explores how young people define news, how they receive it and how they share it; fake news and the issue of accountability are also discussed.

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Tips for Success: Scheduling, Timekeeping, and Holidays

How will elements above differ from our on-campus training

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