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Culturally Responsive Assessment Using the Concepts of Narrative Therapy

Clinical Associate Professor Stephen von Merz will discuss the development and implementation of a widely used activity, the Tree of Life Technique, which can be applied during the engagement and…

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Environmental and Racial Justice Series: Mobilizing Power for Action and Change (Part 3)

The third and final webinar in the the Environmental and Racial Justice Series hosted by Associate Professor Lisa Reyes Mason, Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. Part 3:…

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Catalyst Series for Social Justice Sonya Renee Taylor - Radical Self-Love

World-renowned activist, poet, and author of "The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love", Sonya Renee Taylor invites us to reconnect with the radical origins of our minds…

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2022 Jeffrey Jenson Endowed Annual Research Award - Beyond Statistical Significance: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Intervention Research

In this inaugural Jeffrey Jenson Research Award address, Professor Heather Taussig will discuss the development, testing, and implementation of Fostering Healthy Futures, a preventive intervention…

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Catalyst Series for Social Justice: Kali Fajardo-Anstine - The Power of Storytelling

In this interactive webinar, Kali discussed her book Sabrina & Corina and discuss storytelling as a way to retain history and promote social justice. Attendees then engaged in an interactive…

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Faculty Showcase - John Kayser

In this Faculty Showcase video John Kayser explains the application of video modules and tutorials to the GSSW program.

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Thoughts on Restorative Justice: One Parent's Experience at Longmont Community Justice Partnership

In this short film, Mike discusses his experience with restorative justice. After his daughter experiences bullying and threats over social media, the case is given the option of being treated…

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2019 Conversations in Disciplines

Lynn Schofield Clark from Media Film and Journalism Studies, Anthony Fulginiti from the Graduate School of Social Work, and Michael Brent from Philosophy discuss writing and research in their…

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Sense of Belonging A Powerful Fundamental Human Need

Associate Professor Kimberly Bender serves as Associate Dean for Doctoral Education. Her recent research includes a study of gender-specific pathways from childhood maltreatment to juvenile…

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From Criminalization to Community: Reimagining Justice

Activists, scholars, social workers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system will invite you into their experiences through personal storytelling and audience dialogue. They will…

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Justice & Democracy 2020: Voter Rights

GSSW Dean Amanda Moore McBride hosted a deep discussion with Colorado Common Cause Executive Director Amanda Gonzalez about voter advocacy and voter suppression, past and present.

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From Criminalization to Community: Social Work's Role in Safety, Security and Policing

What does “defunding the police” really mean? What alternatives to public safety models are being used, and how can social work help to create communities that are safer and more just?…

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Gather Lunch with Jacob McWilliams

What can COVID-19 teach us about transphobia and trans inclusion? The coronavirus pandemic is amplifying pre-existing social concerns, including unequal access to high quality health care;…

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COVID-19 & The Future of Community Mental Health

Dr. Carl Clark, CEO of the Mental Health Center of Denver, reflects on how community mental health has pivoted to respond to a global pandemic, and how it may never be the same.

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Engaging Ideas - Dr. Shannon Sliva, Restorative Justice: Bringing healing to victims of crime

In this Engaging Idea, Dr. Shannon Sliva explores a different approach to justice, one which addresses not only punishment, but healing.

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New & Hopeful Approaches in Housing & Homelessness: Mobile Services Across Denver

Graduate School of Social Work Featuring: Scott Kerr | Bayaud Enterprises Marcus Ristosa | Denver Human Services David Henninger | Bayaud Enterprises Event hosted by the Burnes Center on…

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