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Common Curriculum Requirements

The Office of Academic Advising provides an overview of undergraduate Common Curriculum requirements. This is the third video resource recommended for viewing; please watch Introduction to Academic…

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Daniels Undergraduate Programs Advising Webinar

Daniels Undergraduate Programs staff go over potential fall 2022 course selections and answer general registration questions.

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Korbel First-year INTS/PPOL registration webinar

Zoom Recording ID: 85618115544 UUID: 8WioSrF+RKqlTF6BoQSiDA== Meeting Time: 2022-05-09 07:43:47pm

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FTFY Lamont Registration for Fall22

This is a video overview of registration for First Time, First Year Music students.

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Daniels College of Business Advising Video

This short video goes over fall quarter course recommendations for all incoming business and pre-business students!

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CAHSS advising: Transfer students

Zoom Recording ID: 89210059857 UUID: 9OG5uPSWQA+9d+VEXt1OtA== Meeting Time: 2022-05-05 11:32:11pm

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Bauer George life description read by George Bauer Toll 1975

George Bauer Toll grandson of George Bauer reads a description of George Bauers life as one of Mancos Colorado's early business men.

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Ellis K. Skinner "When the Work's All Done This Fall"

Cowboy Song

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Sam Eskin "Says the Robin as He Flew"

Traditional Ballad

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Wilbur Addison "Old Joe Clark"

Folk Song

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