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Oral history interview with Thomas Fallbach [sound recording] 2002 Nov. 27.

Fallbach describes his experiences while living in Sedalia Colo. including losing his home in a fire and various experiences of being a member of the West Douglas Fire Dept. for 20 years. He also…

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Transfering course to Zoom in Week 1 Winter 2022

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2011 Provost Conference - Reinventing the Classroom, New Terms in Student Engagement - Part 2

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Adding Instructor Resource Page to Course Home Using CIDI Design Tools

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Oral History Interview with Gretl Uhl 1995 July 11

Gretl Uhl talks about her life from 1923 until 1995. She discusses her young family life in Germany including her introduction to the restaurant business and interest in skiing. Gretl also…

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How To_Grade Assignments in Canvas

*Please excuse my cat, Mr. Henry. He decided to interrupt this video as often as possible because he loves demanding my attention when I'm "unavailable". He won this round...

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How To_Update AHH Course

This video shows how to use the Delayed Announcement Modifier and Due Date Modifier in Canvas. This particular video is specific to AHH but the tools can be used in other Canvas courses.

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Kitchen Table Talk - Dr. Timothy Sweeny

Timothy Sweeny (PSYCH) - Associate Professor in the Psychology Department. He is the head of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Program and is an Associate Editor at the journal Emotion.

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Grading Students in Speedgrader - 40-hour mediation

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Adding the Student Resources Page to the Course Home Module

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ZOOM - Student Access to Cloud Recordings via Canvas

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ZOOM Bootcamp for Students

This video covers: - Not using DU SSO login - Having multiple ZOOM accounts - Forgot DU account password - Low bandwidth and low computer resources - Visual and auditory distractions - Mute…

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