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Faculty Showcase - Classroom Power Dynamics with Jean F East

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jean F. East discusses some tips for managing power dynamics in the classroom. A part of the Faculty Showcase Series.

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Faculty Showcase - Critical Thinking with Chip Reichardt

In this Faculty showcase video Chip Reichardt explains the concepts of critical and creative thinking and how he helps develop those skills in students.

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Faculty Showcase - Classroom Norms with Nicole Russell

In this Faculty Showcase installation Professor Nicole Russell explains how she works with students to develop classroom norms. These norms are tailored to make the classroom a comfortable learning…

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Faculty Showcase - Game Based Learning - Reacting to the Past with Gregory Robbins

Gregory Robbins, chair of the Religious Studies department at the University of Denver discusses his use of the Reacting to the Past game based learning method. This method utilizes role playing…

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Faculty Showcase - John Kayser

In this Faculty Showcase video John Kayser explains the application of video modules and tutorials to the GSSW program.

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2017 April 19 Conversations in the Disciplines

The University Writing Program hosts its annual roundtable conversation about faculty research and writing practices. Professors from diverse disciplines at DU present their research projects and…

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