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LIS 4000 5.5.1 Common Roles

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LIS 4000 4.7.1 Interview with Carrie Forbes

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LIS 4000 1.3.3 Recent Reports on Use of Libraries

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LIS 4060 10.1.1 The Future of Reference Services

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LIS 4060 8.1.1 What Reference Librarians Do

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The Big Bad Wolf, Race, and Humanization: Proactive Approaches to Building Humanizing Learning Environments in the Higher Education Classroom

Fall 2023 Provost Conference: Session 1

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Modeling Question Mapping

This video explains what question mapping is, details how to create a question map, and shares some ideas for how to use a question map to get started on your research.

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Neurodiversity Institute 2022

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Faculty Showcase - Classroom Norms with Nicole Russell

In this Faculty Showcase installation Professor Nicole Russell explains how she works with students to develop classroom norms. These norms are tailored to make the classroom a comfortable learning…

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Frank Lakin Interview Part 10 between 1984-1987 (Side A)

An oral history interview taken as part of the research process for Dr. Larson's book Shaping Educational Change.

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Jerry Slater: Preliminary Outcomes of an Innovation Curriculum

At our 4th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference, Building on the Foundations for Practice, Jerry Slater of Suffolk University Law School presented on the school's expanded…

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What is in the University of Denver Special Collections Archives?

This video gives a basic overview of the University of Denver Special Collections and Archives, followed by an overview of how to use our digital repository, and some guidance about what collections…

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What Is An Archives

This tutorial contains an overview of what archives are, what they contain, how to find materials in them, and basic details about the University of Denver's Special Collections and Archives.

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Do We Need Librarians?, 2010

This video addresses the question of the role of librarians in today's changing world.

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SIP Higher Education Panel - Cary Nelson Presentation (09.04.2013 )

Cary Nelson presents to the panel on the future of higher education.

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